Integrated Circuits Practical

Subject Code: 24045

Lab Exercise:

  1. Verification of trut h table of OR, AND, NOT, NOR, NAND, EX-OR gates.
  2. Realization of basic gates using NAND & NOR gates.
  3. Realization of logic circuit for a given Boolean expression.
  4. Half adder, Full adder using IC’s.
  5. Half subtractor, full subtractor using IC’s.
  6. Construction and verification of truth table for Decoder/Encoder.
  7. Multiplexer/De-multiplexer using multiplexer IC’s.
  8. Parity generator and checker using parity checker/ generator IC’s.
  9. Construction and verification of truth table for RS, D, T, JK, flip-flop.
  10. 4- bit ripple counter using FF
  11. Construct a Single digit Decade Counter with 7 segment display.
  12. Construct and test shift registers in SIPO mode using IC 74164.
  13. Inverting Amplifier and Non inverting Amplifier with AC signal using OPAMP.
  14. Integrator and Differentiator using Opamp
  15. Summing amplifier & Differential amplifier using Opamp.
  16. Astable multivibrator using IC 555.
  17. Construction of simple power supply using IC 78XX.
  18. DAC using R-2R networ k


  • At least 10 experiments should be constructed using breadboard / soldering
  • Different parameters should be given for EACH batch of students.

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