Power Electronics Practical

Sub Code: 23084

List of Experiments

  1. Characteristics of SCR and marking important parameters.
  2. Line synchronized Ramp trigger circuit using UJT with AC load.
  3. Lamp control circuit using DIAC – TRIAC.
  4. SCR commutation circuits (Class B & Class D)
  5. Single phase semi controlled bridge with R- Load
  6. Single phase fully controlled bridge with RL- Load
  7. Half wave controlled rectifier with R- Load.
  8. DC chopper control circuit using thyristor (any one).
  9. Construct and test the step up chopper.
  10. PWM based step down DC chopper using MOSFET/IGBT.
  11. Single phase Single pulse / Sinusoidal PWM inverter using MOSFET/IGBT.
  12. SMPS using MOSFET/IGBT.
  13. DC shunt motor speed control circuit (open loop)
  14. Universal motor control circuit using TRIAC.
  15. Open loop speed control of Single phase AC motor.
  16. Single phase parallel inverter using MOSFET/IGBT
  17. Single phase to single phase cyclo converter.

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