3.1 Application in manufacturing and service sector

Introduction to service sector:

  • Service secetor is an organization which provides services to customers. The main aim of service industry is to provide most satisfying service to their customers. Therefore proper service applications must be devised to achieve the goals.
  • Since service industry deals directly with human being, it is very difficult to provide the expected services because of the following reasons.
  1. The service demands of customer are more dynamic. That is, it changes with person to person. So it is very difficult to predict it.
  2. Socio-economic status of customers changes the expecetations and understanding about the services and its outcome.

Difference between manufacturing industry and service industry:

Manufacturing industry
Service industry
The goals changes with industry to industry. Goal is not changing. It is to give services to customers
Product demands are not so dynamic Service demands are so dynamic.
No need to change its operation oftenly It needs changes in services oftenly.

Applications of MIS  manufacturing sector - Presentation:

Applications of MIS  service sector - Presentation:


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