Hints Development

           Students of technical courses need to take notes from various sources in the form of bits  and sometimes in the form of an outline. These bits and outline have to be elaborated in the form of sentence blocks for their use and record. The exercise on 'hints development' prepares the students to develop their skill in elaborating gists or points into sentences and passages.

Guidelines for Developing the hints:

1. Read the given hints carefully in order to understand the main theme.

2. Follow the outline given. Do not omit any point and keep to the order in which the points are given in the outline.

3. Carefully connect all the points given in the outline and develop the story in a coherent way.

4. Make proper use of connectives for continuity between sentences.

5. Use your imaginative skill to develop the hints.

6. Your language must be simple and direct and verbs must be used in the proper tense forms.

7. Never forget to supply a suitable title to your answer.


           Life- full of challenges - man accept realities - he to know - weaknesses and strongholds - ignorance of one's weaknesses take him nowhere - knowing and acknowledging this before making use of strongholds or virtues he must get rid of weaknesses - otherwise his voyage be stumbled - he plug the holes lest he be drowned.



           Life is full of challenges. Man has to acept realities in his life. He must know his weaknesses and strongholds for his progress.  Ignorance of one's weaknesses takes him nowhere. It will hinder his progress in life. He must be knowing and acknowlwdging this before he goes to make use of his strongholds or virtues for his well-being.

           Man must get rid of his weaknesses otherwise his voyage of life would be stumbled. He is likely to overestimate himself and underestimate others. He must plug the holes lest he would be drowned. If he is to make progress really he must know himself fully.

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