Model Question for Management Information System

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Model Question Paper-I

Part A

  1. Give one reason for using computer for MIS in the organization
  2. List the types of Strategies.
  3. List the phases of Herbert Simon Model.
  4. What is a system?
  5. Define service sector.
  6. What are the attributes of DSS?
  7. Why should we implement an ERP packages?
  8. Expand the term “ERP”
  9. Define Knowledge.
  10. State any two Business Intelligence tools.

    Part B
  11. What is sensitivity analysis? What benefits do you get after sensitivity analysis
  12. What is system Analysis? State the need for system Analysis.
  13. Distinguish between the manufacturing sector and service sector in terms of character,focus and deliverable.
  14. How the ERP is different from conventional packages?.
  15. Distinguish between Inferential and Factual Knowledge. 

Part C

16. 1. Briefly explain about Product strategy.
      2. Explain Business planning using MIS.
     1. Briefly explain the essentiality of the strategic planning.

17.1. What are the problems in making Rational Decisions?
     2. Define system development methods. Explain any one.
     1. List the steps for Computer system design and Explain.

18.1. Give the applications of service sector in industry.
     2. Explain Artificial Intelligence Systems.
     1. Briefly explain the different types of tools available in DSS.

19. 1. Give the guidelines for ERP implementation.
      2. Define stumbling blocks and its problem.
     1. Explain the various components of ERP.

20.1. Explain about the First generation Knowledge Management.
     2. Explain about the drivers of knowledge management.
    1. Give the various approaches for successful implementation of knowledge management and explain.

Model Question Paper-II

Part A

  1. Define MIS.
  2. What is a matrix organization?
  3. What is information?
  4. Define the term : System Analysis
  5. Define Manufacturing sector.
  6. Expand the term “KBES”
  7. State the forces, which make ERP strong and successful.
  8. Expand the term “SCM”
  9. Define Knowledge management.
  10. Define the term “ Business Intelligence”

    Part B
  11. What are the impacts of Management  Information System?
  12. Differentiate internal information from external information.
  13. Draw the model of Information Processing system in manufacturing sector.
  14. Explain any one way for implementing an ERP.
  15. What is a knowledge transfer? Explain.

Part C

16. 1. Explain about the role of MIS in Management.
      2. Briefly explain about Growth strategy.
     1. Briefly explain about the basic model of an  organization structure with a neat diagram.

17.1. What are the different methods of data and information collection? Explain
     2. Explain the procedure for analyzing the existing system.
     1. Explain about the Herbert Simon model of decision-making.

18.1. What are the applications of MIS in service industry? Briefly explain.
     2. Compare different types of DSS.
     1. Briefly explain about the production management in terms of Input transaction Documents , Applications and repors and screed display.

19.1. Explain about the brief history of ERP.
     2. List down any five benefits of ERP.
    1.  Compare the following:
            (i) ERP versus CRM
            (ii) ERP versus SCM

20.1. Explain about the Second Generation Knowledge Management.
     2. Draw the diagram of knowledge model and explain.
     1. What are the points to be considered for successful implementation of knowledge management? Briefly explain each point.  

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