Working principles of SCR

What is SCR?

A Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR) is a four-layer (p-n-p-n) semiconductor device that doesn't allow current to flow until it is triggered and, once triggered, will only allow the flow of current in one direction. It has three terminals: 1) an input control terminal referred to as a 'gate'; 2) an output terminal known as the 'anode'; and 3) a terminal known as a 'cathode', which is common to both the gate and the anode.

SCR symbol:

scr symbol.JPG

SCR Construction:

silicon controlled rectifier.png

Introduction to SCR  - Video:

SCR Construction and Application-PPT presentation:

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anibul1.gifSCR Video

anibul1.gifIntroduction to SCR-Silicon Controlled Rectifier

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