alternator construction

The main parts of alternators are  stator,rotor. According to the construction of rotor alternators are classified into two types.

  1. Salient pole alternator
  2. Cylindrical pole alternator(Non salient pole alternator)

Construction of stator:

1. A stator for a dynamoelectric machine, comprising:

a stator core having a generally cylindrical shape, the stator core having a plurality of circumferentially spaced slots, a stator winding including a plurality of conductors, each conductor having a plurality of straight segments interconnecting a plurality of end loop segments

the plurality of conductors organized into at least a first filar and a second filar, the plurality of conductors organized into multiple phases defined by a circumferential pitch, each phase having a conductor in the first filar and a conductor in the second filar;the plurality of conductors organized into layers, each layer representing a set of equidistant radial positions in the slots filled by the straight segments of the conductors;the end loop segments of the first and second filars being circumferentially aligned and axially opposite each other; the straight segments of corresponding conductors of the first and second filars residing in common slots in the stator core; the straight segments of one phase being positioned in the same layer as adjacent straight segments in the adjacent phase; and the plurality of conductors arranged in a cascading structure defined by at least three consecutive straight segments of one turn of one conductor residing in a common layer.


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