Applications of OOPs

Applications of OOPS:

  • If there is complexity in software development, objecet-oriented programming is the best paradigm to solve the problem. The following areas make the use of OOP:
  1. Image Processing
  2. Pattern Recognition
  3. Computer Assisted Concurrent Engineering
  4. Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
  5. Computer Aided Teaching
  6. Intelligent Systems
  7. Database Management Systems
  8. Web based Applications
  9. Distributed Computing and Applications
  10. Component based Applications
  11. Business Process Reengineering
  12. Enterprise resource planning
  13. Data security and management
  14. Mobile Computing
  15. Data Warehouse and Data Mining
  16. Parallel Computing
  • Object concept helps to translate our thoughts to a program. It provides a way of solving a problem in the same way as a human being perceives a real world problem and finds out the solution. It is possible to construct large reusable components using object-oriented techniques. Development of reusable components is rapidly growing in commercial software industries.

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