Merits and Demerits

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Merits and Demerits of the Satellite Communication


  1. Geostationary satellites require no tracking.
  2. Satellite communication has the ability of multiple access points.
  3. With the help of satellite the 24hour communication can be achieved.
  4. Satellite communication has a higher signal quality.
  5. BROAD—BAND can be obtained to put more information on the carrier.
  6. For long distance communication or across oceans a Satellite Communication is used.
  7. Satellite in close elliptical orbits required low transmitting Power and low receiver sensitivity.


  1. Satellite communication need a large diameter antenna high power and most sensitive transmitter and receiver are required.
  2. Satellite communication is disturbed by solar activities and cyclones in the space.
  3. Satellite efficiency drops due to the ageing effect of the components.
  4. The longer propagation times (APPOX,300ms)are a disadvantage of satellite communication.
  5. Initial design and launching of the satellite in the orbit results in extremely high cost.

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