Functions of Mobile computing

A computer environment is said to be mobile if it supports few of the characteristics mentioned below.

1. User mobility:

Though the user roams from one place to another he should be able to use the same service. This service may be a remote network or home network

2. Bearer mobility:

In this case the user may move from one bearer to another bearer but use the same service.

3. Host Mobility:

In host mobility the user device can be either a server or a client. If it is a host mobility the mobility of that IP shouild be given more care. But if it is server or host mobiliy, some complexities will change.

4. Service mobility:

Though the user change from one service to another service it should remain enabled and if a user is sending a mail and he refers some information in his PC and  stored a file by for adding to in his mail, he should be allowed to do so.




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