Parity Generator

     A binary number may represent an instruction that tells the computer to add, subtract, and so on. The binary number may also represent data to be processed, like a number, letter, etc., in a computer. In either case, an extra bit is added to the original binary number to produce a binary number with even or odd parity. Such an extra parity bit can be easily generated using an EX-NOR gate.

Odd-parity Generator:
      Consider the parity generator using an EX-OR gate and a NOT gate, shown in figure. Let the 8-bit number X7X 6X5X4X3X2X1X0 be equal to 0100 0001. This number has even parity.  It means that, when it is applied to an exclusive-OR gate, it will produce an output of 0. Because of the inverter, X8 = 1 and final 9-bit output is 1 0100 0001. Now, it has odd parity. Thus an EX-NOR can be used to generate parity bits.

odd parity.PNG

Odd parity generator

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