Advantage and Disadvantage of CSS

Advantages of CSS:
           1. CSS saves time:
                    When most of us first learn HTML, we get taught to set the font face, size, colour, style etc every time it occurs on a page. This means we find ourselves typing (or copying & pasting) the same thing over and over again. With CSS, you only have to specify these details once for any element. CSS will automatically apply the specified styles whenever that element occurs. 
          2.  Pages load faster
                     Less code means faster download times. 
          3.  Easy maintenance 
                     To change the style of an element, you only have to make an edit in one place. 
          4.  Superior styles to HTML
                    CSS has a much wider array of attributes than HTML. 
Disadvantages of CSS:

         1.  Browser compatibility 
                   Browsers have varying levels of compliance with Style Sheets. This means that some Style Sheet features are supported and some aren't. To confuse things more, some browser manufacturers decide to come up with their own proprietary tags. 

Basic Layout - Video:

What is CSS? - Video:

Cascading Style Sheets - Presentation:


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