System analysis of the existing system

System analysis of the existing system:

Analysis of the existing system has the following advantages.

  1. It helps to understand the existing system.
  2. It helps to understand the objectives achieved by the existing system.
  3. It helps to identify the position of each sub system in the MIS design.
  4. It helps to find whether the system is feasible or infeasible.
  5. It helps to find the information needs.
  6. It helps to study whether the cost invested in system design improves the value of information needed.

Procedure of analysing the existing system:

The following are the important procedures involved in analysing the existing system.

  • Carry out the analysis of the system at a place where it is functioning. This makes the people to accept the analysis as one among them.
  • Make note of the important persons other than head of departments who are contributing towards system operation.
  • Spend enough time with the operating person to study and observe the inner details of the system operation.
  • Collect all the documents which carry data from one point to another. While collecting the documents note down the following details.
  1. Who prepares the document.
  2. The purpose it achieves.
  3. The manner in which it is distributed.
  • Make a list of rules, formulae, guidelines, policies etc., used in running the system.
  • Note down the check points and controls for controlling.
  1. Data flow
  2. Processing
  3. Analysis
  • Study the data flow, summary and aggregates from document to document and from one stage to another.
  • After making a note of the initial study meet each head of the department and have a discussion covering the following.
  1. Whether your understanding is same as the head of the department.
  2. Whether he has any other objectives which the system should achieve.
  • Check whether the data, rules, methods and models available in the existing system is enough to achieve the systems objectives.
  • If the analysis is feasible draw the revised system flow chart. This chart must contain all the modifications which are suggested and accepted.
  • Discuss and explain the flow chart with the persons operating the system. This helps to understand the system and appreciate the changes.
  • Make the list of outputs containing information approved by the head of the departments.
  • Compare the cost bebefit analysis of old and new system.
  • Obtain the approval of the new system from the normal users and top management.
  • Write the system manual. This helps the people in the department and other users of the system.

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